Using PET Strapping Rolls for Your Packaging Projects

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) strapping is an integral component of any successful packaging project. PET strapping is strong and durable enough to hold heavier products, making it a preferred choice over other forms of strapping for a variety of industries. The ease of use, serviceability and cost savings of PET strapping make it a great choice for moving a variety of items quickly and securely.

Benefits of using PET strapping

  • Durabilidad: PET strapping is much stronger than its alternatives. This makes it ideal for heavier products, as it can sustain much higher loads without breaking.
  • Flexibilidad: PET strapping is more flexible than many of its counterparts, meaning it can fit any shape or size of package, making it great for any type of container.
  • Reusability: PET strapping is easy to reuse, allowing it to be used many times over the course of a project. This keeps costs down and efficiency up.
  • No fraying: PET strapping has been specifically designed to prevent fraying, helping prevent items from becoming tangled in the strap when they’re being shipped.

Considerations when buying PET strapping

When buying PET strapping for your packaging project, there are some key considerations to take into account:

  • Fortaleza: Make sure to determine the correct strength of PET strapping for your specific application, as over- or under- securing your packages can lead to damage or possible loss of items.
  • Quality: Look for a strapping supplier who offers premium quality PET strapping as a low quality product won’t provide you same level of strength and durability.
  • Size: Measure the size of the packages you need to secure, and ensure you’re buying the correct size of PET strapping roll for your project.


PET strapping is one of the strongest and most reliable strapping materials for a variety of packaging projects. When used correctly, PET strapping can help secure heavier items securely and efficiently. Make sure to take into consideration the size, strength, and quality of the PET strapping for your project to ensure your items arrive at their destinations safely.


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