The Benefits of PET Strapping Rolls: How to Make Your Packaging Secure and Reliable

If you are in the process of shipping or distributing your products away from your business premises, it is important to use secure packaging methods. PET strapping rolls provide a reliable and durable solution to your packaging needs.

What is PET Strapping?

PET strapping is a polyethylene terephthalate (PET) material designed specifically to bind and secure objects during transport. This composite plastic material is designed to be strong and durable, making it a perfect choice of packaging method for securing heavy load items.

The Benefits of PET Strapping Rolls

Here are some of the benefits of using PET strapping rolls in your packaging process:

  • Strong and Durable: PET strapping is extremely strong and durable and will not break or suffer under high pressures or load conditions.
  • High Tensile Strength: PET strapping roll can hold up to 1300N/cm (Newtons per centimetre) of pressure, making it suitable for heavy load items.
  • Increased Protection: With PET strapping, your items will be securely bound and protected from any external forces that may occur during shipping and distribution.
  • Tear Resistance: PET strapping has high tear resistance meaning it won’t easily tear during installation or when being moved around.
  • Impervious to Moisture and Chemicals: The material is safe from any moisture or chemical reactions that may occur during transport.
  • Cost-Effective: PET strapping rolls have a low cost per unit, making them a cost-effective way to ensure your products are well protected during shipping.

How to Make Your Packaging Secure and Reliable with PET Strapping Rolls

  • Measurement: It is important to have the correct measurements for your strapping. The longer the strapping roll, the more secure the package will be.
  • Sealers: Using sealers to close off the ends of the strapping will guarantee that the package stays secure and maintains its integrity throughout the shipping process.
  • Manual Feeders: Manual feeders are essential in order to prevent any entanglements of the PET strapping rolls when strapping items.
  • Heavy-Duty Carts: Using heavy-duty carts during the installation process will protect both the items being secured and the PET strapping rolls.

Using PET strapping rolls in your packaging process is a great way to ensure that your products are kept safe and secure during shipping and distribution. The high tensile strength of the material provides reliable protection and stability to your items, and the low cost per unit makes it a cost-effective packaging solution. With the right tools and materials, using PET strapping rolls can make your packaging process secure and reliable.


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