Automatic Carton Strapping Machine


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Automatic Carton Strapping Machine

The fully automatic banding machine takes polythene plastic strap as binding material, which is mainly used in packing and binding of paper carton, wooden box and paper and paper parcels in sectors of business, postal service, railway, bank, food, pharmaceutical and publishing.

Product Description

Fully Automatic Carton Strapping Machine

This automatic carton strapping machine is mostly used for strapping small packages, such as cartons, calcium plastic boxes, books, etc. The plastic belts used are mainly polypropylene belts, but also nylon belts and polyester belts. It is a strapping machine suitable for various industries, and its table height is suitable for standing operation. When bundling, the movement and turning of the package must be done manually.


Fully Auto carton Strapping Machine Specification



Power consumption


Warm-up time


Strap width


PP strap paper coil I.D


Tension adjustment


Strapping speed

2.4s/pcs (25pcs/min)


aluminum arch

Arch size


Min. strapping size


Max. strapping size


Working table height


Machine dimension(L×W×H)


Wooden size (L×W×H)

Arch assembled 1476×689×1644mm

arch disassembled 1476×829×999

Machine weight



Product Advantages
1. The automatic carton strapping machine adopts the pulley of high quality material, which effectively solves the wear of the ordinary plastic pulley and the jamming of the PP belt.
2. The high-strength blade with a hardness of 65 is used, which greatly improves the ability to cut the tape and the life of the blade
3. The use of resin casters makes the movement of the machine more convenient, and the casters will not deform under long-term load.
4. The aluminum alloy frame is adopted, and the body shell adopts a combined structure. The automatic strapping machine can determine the size of the bow frame according to the size of the package.
5. All parts are precision machined with NC machining equipment. The solid resistance of the parts of the automatic baler and the unification of the connection action are well guaranteed.


Safe use and maintenance of the machine
The maintenance and lubrication of the automatic carton strapping machine is best done on a regular basis. First of all, pay attention to keep the machine dry, do not let it rain, or place anything with moisture on it.
Secondly, the chips or dirt in the machine should be removed every week, and the machine should be lubricated regularly. It should be noted that several parts cannot be refueled: return belt rollers, all belts, slip sheets and surrounding areas, electromagnetic clutches. Every time you add oil, do not add too much, so as to avoid the failure of the micro switch due to oil immersion.

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