Automatic Plastic Strapping Machine


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Automatic Plastic Strapping Machine

The automatic box strapping machine is for the final procedure of packaging, which is to bind the carton with a strapping tape to prevent it from being scattered during the handling process. There are many advantages to using the automatic strapping machine. packaging efficiency. At the same time reduce waste, but also save costs.

Product Description

Automatic Plastic Strapping Machine

The control system of the automatic plastic strapping machine is composed of the core control unit PLC and the man-machine interface for operation. The core control unit adopts LG “PLC” control, and the hydraulic system is the core part of the pressurized baler, and the reliability of its work is directly determined. In order to determine whether the action of the baler is normal and reliable, the oil temperature control becomes the key to the hydraulic control part of the metal hydraulic baler. This is enough to see the high technical requirements of packaging machinery production.


Automatic Plastic Strapping Machine Specification

Sale Automatic Full Strapping Machines carton box strapping machine
PP tape width
Maximum strapping
Connection method
hot melt connection
Machine weight


Product Features:
Manual and Auto model operation
High speed automatic strapping machine can make 1.5 seconds/strap
Loop ejecting function and refeed function
Rigid structure design
Built for 24 hours of continuous operation
Tension adjustment
Very easy from the control panel
Easy strap loading and unloading
Can be used for 5mm strap, save your cost



Strapping machine safe use and care
The maintenance and lubrication of the automatic plastic strapping machine is best done on a regular basis. First of all, pay attention to keep the machine dry, do not let it rain, or place anything with moisture on it.
Next, do the following:
1. Remove the swarf or dirt in the machine once a week
2. Clean, maintain and lubricate the upper slide plate, middle knife and front top knife once a month
3. Add appropriate lubricating oil to all cam surfaces and the connecting shaft core of the upper extension once a week
4. Supplement the oil in the gearbox of the reducer once a year
5. It must be noted that several parts cannot be refueled: return belt rollers, all belts, slip sheets and surrounding areas, electromagnetic clutches
6. When refueling, do not add too much to prevent the micro switch from malfunctioning due to oil immersion.

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