Automatic PP Tape Strapping Machine


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Automatic PP Tape Strapping Machine

The automatic PP tape strapping machine is a fully automatic strapping and PP carton hot-melt cross-sealing machine. It has a variety of packaging methods and is suitable for carton packaging in e-commerce express and other industries.

Product Description

Automatic PP Tape Box Case Carton Strapping Machine

The Automatic PP Tape Strapping Machine is mainly suitable for strapping and packaging of cartons, calcium plastic boxes, soft bags and various square and cylindrical items. It has 8 power rollers, with automatic conveying line and photoelectric eyes, which can realize the unmanned automatic strapping work process.



Automatic PP Tape Strapping Machine Specification

Model  Automatic PP Tape Strapping Machine
Max.tension 100kg adjustable
Table height 750mm
Strapping speed 2 seconds/cycle
Frame size W800mm*H600mm
Suitable for strap PP Strap
Strap width 9mm-15mm
Strap thickness 0.55mm-1.2mm
Voltage 380V 3Ph
Power 1.4KW
Machine dimension L1400mm*W630mm*H1430mm
Weight 240kg


1. Electric eye detection during work,
2. Eight-roller belt conveyor line to realize unmanned automatic strapping
3. Automatic detection; automatic packaging; automatic transmission; high work efficiency
4. Imported electrical appliances with stable performance and longer service life
5. Four motors for belt feeding, belt withdrawal, belt storage and roller conveying
6. Optional automatic alarm device, work failure or lack of belt alarm
7. The cooling time is adjustable and the tension is large
8. It can realize unmanned and production line collaborative operation


Automatic Strapping Machine Production Line


After-sale service:
Warranty: One year from the date of installation. If any consumables are damaged during the warranty period and are not due to mishandling, the seller will provide new parts free of charge.
Inspection: After the machine is ready, the buyer will do the machine inspection.
Machine installation or repair: If the buyer requires the seller’s engineer to install or repair the machine locally in due time, the buyer shall pay for the round-trip airfare and arrange hotel accommodation and the means of the seller’s engineer.
Documents: We can provide telex bill of lading or original bill of lading, original proof. Other documents are available upon your request.

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