Fully Automatic Strapping Machine


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Strapack Strapping Machine

While packing or bundling, strapping machines distribute, tighten, and seal PP or PET straps. Carton, calcium-plastic cases, books, soft and hard packaging, as well as all types of items in the square, cylinder, or annulations are all excellent candidates.

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pet strap roll

Pet strap band plastic steel It saves 50% of the packing materials used in wood packing, steel packing, glass packing, metal packing, etc. Pet Strapping can keep 5% tightening force without losing a long time when stroked by a powerful force.

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Metal Strap Seals

The Open Serrated Seals For Polyester Strapping Clips are designed to work for all 5/8 width polyester strapping. They can be used in conjunction with strapping clips and are made of zinc plated steel. The combination of the two serrated edges results in a strong and durable seal.

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Fully Automatic Strapping Machine

The fully automatic strapping machine is suitable for general objects. It can be used for production lines with objects of different sizes and irregular shapes, and can realize unmanned bundling together with power conveyors.

Product Description

Fully Automatic Box Strapping Machine Production Line

The fully automatic strapping machine is suitable for objects that generally need to be packaged. The machine is equipped with rollers to ensure that the lashing can be done with less force. The automatic strapping machine can be used for single-machine strapping of objects of different sizes and irregular shapes, and can also be used in production lines to realize unmanned strapping together with power conveyors. The way of the production line can use the power belt table and the input and output transmission mechanism, which is convenient for maintenance.


Fully Automatic Strapping Machine Specification

Strap Width 9/12/15mm (Adjustable)
Arch Size 850(W) x 600(H)
Machine Weight 300 kg
Power Consumption 750W
Power Supply 400V 50 Hz Three Phase



Mechatronics Aspects Mechanical Aspects
PLC control
Enhanced top belt drive design
Independent operation or combined with conveyor
Automatic strapping sensor
Table with stainless steel lid
Folding table, easy to maintain



1. High-speed motor, faster feeding speed and higher packaging efficiency
2. Closed belt mode, belt conveying is more accurate
3. The narrowest 5mm strap can be used
4. Various frame sizes are available
5. The packing speed is fast, 50 pieces/min, depending on the size of the product
6. Good mute effect when working


Fully automatic strapping machines are widely used for strapping various packages (except rings) in various fields. It can be a stand-alone operation or equipped with a production line.

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