Polyester Pet Strapping


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Steel and polypropylene strapping are both weaker than King PET Strapping. Polyester strapping is 80% lighter and less costly than steel. Polyester straps are superior to and more expensive than polypropylene tape, whereas PET plastic tape for packing is very trustworthy.

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Polyester Pet Strapping

King PET Strapping is a stronger alternative to polypropylene strapping and steel strapping. Polyester strapping is less expensive and 80% lighter than steel. PET plastic tape for packaging is extremely dependable, and polyester straps are superior to and more costly than polypropylene tape.

Product Description

Factory Price PET Packing Belt Green Polyester Packing Strap


PET is a member of the polyester family and is most commonly associated with the fabrication of beverage bottles. This thermoplastic material’s exceptional qualities and flexible benefits make it excellent for use in a variety of various applications, such as a strap.
Because PET tape does not corrode, it leaves no markings on packing or directly on the goods. The 8% elastic elongation allows the package to remain securely together even while shrinking – for example, owing to stacking or drying out. In some applications, PET strap is a viable alternative to steel strap.

Polyester strapping offers stronger tensile strength than steel and good temperature tolerance. It also has less tension loss than PP, which means it can maintain tension for a longer length of time. This is critical to remember for cross-country hauls from one location to another, or for several stops along the route to the load’s final destination.

There is also polyester corded strapping that may be knotted by hand and secured with a wire buckle. It is a glued-together textile material, so there is no stretch, yet it is incredibly flexible.

Pet Strap straps

Polyester is six times lighter than steel, which helps to cut expenses on several levels. The king PET strap is constructed entirely of recycled materials, is UV-resistant for decades, and has a high dependability rate. As a result, it is especially common for strapping pallet loads or bales, such as in the wood and construction materials industries.
Finally, the “burst behavior,” and hence the reduced danger of harm, is an important element in the widespread usage of polyester tape. TITAN, by the way, can create and transport PET strap in coils weighing up to 350 kg.

PET plastic tape is particularly dependable for packaging; polyester tape (PET) is better and more costly than polypropylene tape (PP). In general, a PET tape twice the size of a PP tape is regarded stronger. PET straps are also heavier than PP straps, which makes them simpler to work with. PET tape is corrosion, water, and UV radiation resistant. Both types of straps come in widths ranging from 9mm to 27mm and thicknesses ranging from 0.35mm to 1.27mm. Tensile strengths range between 190kg and 1200kg. Because of their great tensile strength, PET tapes are utilized in industry as an alternative to steel tapes. They are also lighter and less costly when compared to them.

The modern polyester strap has a variety of advantages:
This tape has outstanding mechanical qualities. This comprises great tensile strength, considerable stretchability, and high strength. These qualities can be seen in:

1.Packaged items are unlikely to be damaged or contaminated (high corrosion resistance)
2.Damage reduction during transport
3.Reduce the pressure on the packed material’s edges.
4.Packing material security
5.Keeping the voltage constant even if the package shrinks during storage or transit
6.Smaller possibilities provide a break.
7.Reduced material costs (up to fifty percent)
8.Maintenance is easier and cleaner.



Product code Colour Width Thickness Length Weight Tensile Strength
1307 Green 13mm 0.7mm 1800m 20kgs 250kgs
1606 Green 16mm 0.6mm 1500m 20kgs 370kgs
1608 Green 16mm 0.8mm 1200m 20kgs 450kgs
1910 Green 19mm 1.0mm 1000m 20kgs 660kgs
2510 Green 25mm 1.0mm 500m 20kgs 800kgs


There are also novel formulations available, such as Dynaric/Ultraband PolyChem’s polyester strapping, which can withstand heavy weights with tensile strengths of up to 2000 lbs. However, the cost of this strapping is greater.

Polyester Strapping’s Best Applications
Polyester strapping works well for stiff weights and absorbs shock during transit. When compared to PP strapping, it is also a superior choice when higher starting tension is required to restrict loads.


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