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green pet strap

Steel and polypropylene strapping are both weaker than King PET Strapping. Polyester strapping is 80% lighter and less costly than steel. Polyester straps are superior to and more expensive than polypropylene tape, whereas PET plastic tape for packing is very trustworthy.

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Stretch Film Roll

Stretch film has industrial strength and durability, which can firmly secure heavyweight or oversized items while playing a protective role.

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Pet Strap Dispenser

The strap dispenser slides right into 8″ x 8″ core polypropylene (PP) strapping coils. A strapping cart/dispenser is an extra tool for strapping that guards against the unintentional loosening of the strapping and functions as a mobile workstation. King Packaging only offers packaging products that are carefully selected and approved by our packaging experts.

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polyester banding

King PET Strapping is a stronger alternative to polypropylene strapping and steel strapping. Polyester strapping is less expensive and 80% lighter than steel. PET plastic tape for packaging is extremely dependable, and polyester straps are superior to and more costly than polypropylene tape.

Product Description

Factory supply plastic polyester strap PET strapping roll band green packing belt for wood lumber packing industry

PET strap has replaced steel in many industrial operations since it is significantly cheaper and safer to use (it does not damage employees or goods because it has no sharp edges and does not brown). Furthermore, the sturdiness of the PET strap is stronger, making it more ideal for heavier weights. Its strong flexibility compensates for the loss of packing voltage when it loses volume over time. (For example, dried wood). The savings of utilizing a PET strap over a steel band are up to 50% higher since the PET strap is cheaper and the price per meter is lower.

Polyester tape, often known as PET tape, is used when a typical polypropylene tape is insufficiently strong to perform its function. The physical properties of polyester tape and steel tape are the most comparable. When compared to other plastic straps, polyester tape can handle up to 25% greater stress. As a result, it can maintain voltage significantly better than the other non-metallic bands despite loading. The quality of polyester tape is unaffected by whether or not it is exposed to sunlight. It is significantly cheaper and safer to use than steel straps since it does not have sharp edges. Considering the considerations stated above, the polyester strap has emerged as the ideal steel alternative.

Pet Strap strap

PET strap classification based on the outside surface.The basic polyester tape has a smooth surface. The smooth surface tape has a substantially higher tensile strength than a ribbed surface tape of the same thickness. Because the polyester tape is intended to replace a steel strip, it is built to handle large loads.

brand new, high-quality polyester belt
Polyester tapes have a very high tensile strength and a high elongation. These are important considerations when selecting a safe packing method. Polyester, as opposed to steel belts, offers more rigidity when stretched, as well as superior shock absorption and other impacts during transit. Polyester tape is often available in green and black.

Product Name:
Polyester Strapping Rolls (PET Strap)
Polyethylene Terephthalate 100% Fresh Raw Material or as per customer request
Surface Type:
Embossed / Smooth Plain
Production Process:
Extrusion Product
9mm – 32mm
0.60mm – 1.27mm
Green, Black
Sealing Type:
Friction/Heat Sealing using fully automatic strapping machines, battery tools, pneumatic tools, hand tools pet tensioner and sealers with metal clips 
140 kgf – 1370 kgf
Core Size:
406 mm x 155mm, 406 x 190mm, 203mm x 188mm, coreless winding, PET cut length straps 
Roll Packing:
Individual rolls wrapped with stretch films, corrugated sheet wrapping, one roll/carton as per customer approval
Industrial Application:
Cotton, Fiber, Jute, Metal, Textile, Can, Chemical, Paint, Binding, Paper Products, Glass, Ceramic, Electrical Goods, Plastic Processing, Agro Products, Fisheries, Auto and all heavy duty packaging applications.

Polyester bands are the most economical and environmentally friendly bands.


Product code Colour Width Thickness Length Weight Tensile Strength
1307 Green 13mm 0.7mm 1800m 20kgs 250kgs
1606 Green 16mm 0.6mm 1500m 20kgs 370kgs
1608 Green 16mm 0.8mm 1200m 20kgs 450kgs
1910 Green 19mm 1.0mm 1000m 20kgs 660kgs
2510 Green 25mm 1.0mm 500m 20kgs 800kgs


PET Strap is made by PET flakes, with the unique advantage, it’s widely used in many different brances of industry, such as ceramic industrial, can packing industry, wood industry, fibre packing, steel industry, paper plants, aluminum ingo, chemical insustry and so on.


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