polypropylene strips


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PP Strapping rolls

Polypropylene strapping is a lightweight plastic strapping that is used to secure cargo to pallets or bundle products for transportation. The 17-foot-long pre-cut polypropylene strap comes with a pre-installed polyethylene buckle. This strapping strap is yellow for easy identification

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Fully Automatic Strapping Machine

The fully automatic strapping machine is suitable for general objects. It can be used for production lines with objects of different sizes and irregular shapes, and can realize unmanned bundling together with power conveyors.

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Stainless Steel Clips

Strapping seal is a soft metal connector used by sealing pliers. Textured surface can grasp the smooth surface of the polyester straps to prevent the straps from sliding and losing tension, ensuring the safety of the goods. 200 Pcs Strapping Open Seals. Steel buckle for PET strapping.

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polypropylene strips

The main material is polypropylene brushed grade resin, because of its good plasticity, strong tensile strength, bending resistance, lightweight, etc., plastic box straps were processed into a strapping. pp box Strapping the main material is polypropylene brushed grade resin, because of its good plasticity, strong tensile strength, bending resistance, lightweight, ease to use, etc., plastic box straps were processed into a strapping, has been widely used in various fields.

Product Description

PP Strapping belt /pp Strap band /pp Strap Manufacturer

Polypropylene, often known by its technical name of virgin grade PP strap, is a moderately popular kind of plastic. Plastic box straps were processed into a strapping, which is now extensively used in a variety of areas because of its high plasticity, strong tensile strength, bending resistance, lightweight, and ease of use. The basic component of pp box strapping is polypropylene brushing-grade resin.

PP Strapping, High Tensile Virgin Pp Strapping, Woven Pp Strap, High-Quality Pp Strap, Plastic Strapping, Steel Strapping, Poly Strapping, Printed Strapping, Pallet Strapping, Packing Strap, and Plastic Straw Rope are just a few of the other goods we provide. Please get in touch with us if you are interested in our products.

Specification chart :


Width Thickness Pull force Total weight Net weight Core Diameter Length
5.0mm 0.45mm >50kg 10kg 9.5kg 200mm 7500m
6.0mm 0.50mm >65kg 10kg 9.5kg 200mm 5500m
8.0mm 0.40mm >70kg 10kg 9.5kg 200mm 4750m
8.0mm 0.50mm >90kg 10kg 9.5kg 200mm 4200m
9.0mm 0.50mm >85kg 10kg 9.5kg 200mm 3800m


>90kg 10kg 9.5kg 200mm 3500m
9.0mm 0.70mm >110kg 10kg 9.5kg 200mm 3000m
9.0mm 0.80mm >120kg 10kg 9.5kg 200mm 2500m
12.0mm 0.50mm >110kg 10kg 9.5kg 200mm 3390m
12.0mm 0.60mm >120kg 10kg 9.5kg 200mm 3000m
12.0mm 0.70mm >130kg 10kg 9.5kg 200mm 2500m
12.0mm 0.80mm >150kg 10kg 9.5kg 200mm 2100m
13.5mm 0.50mm >120kg 10kg 9.5kg 200mm 2800m
13.5mm 0.60mm >130kg 10kg 9.5kg 200mm 2500m
13.5mm 0.70mm >150kg 10kg 9.5kg 200mm 2200m
13.5mm 0.80mm >160kg 10kg 9.5kg 200mm 1900m
15.0mm 0.50mm >150kg 10kg 9.5kg 200mm 2350m
15.0mm 0.60mm >160kg 10kg 9.5kg 200mm 2200m
15.0mm 0.70mm >170kg 10kg 9.5kg 200mm 2100m
15.0mm 0.80mm >180kg 10kg 9.5kg 200mm 1450m
15.0mm 1.00mm >200kg 10kg 9.5kg 200mm 1180m
18.0mm 0.80mm >280kg 10kg 9.5kg 200mm 1350m
19.0mm 0.60mm >260kg 10kg 9.5kg 200mm 1790m
19.0mm 0.70mm >300kg 10kg 9.5kg 200mm 1530m
19.0mm 0.80mm >340kg 10kg 9.5kg 200mm 1260m
19.0mm 1.00mm >260kg 10kg 9.5kg 200mm 1000m

One roll of Black 1/2″ x 7200′ Hand Grade Polypropylene (PP) Strap, 16″ x 6″ Core, 600 lb Breaking Strength, Pack of 1000 is included in the General Purpose Polypropylene (PP) Strap Kit Refill. The door is sealed.

You can get all the goods you need here. It is mostly used to enhance the consumables in our 1/2 inch PP strapping strap kit. Purchase one of our full polypropylene strapping kits if you don’t already have a strapping tool. Various package strapping options, including perfectly matched pre-selected strapping items, are available from us.

On the other hand, if you already have all the necessary strapping tools, this set can be used to replenish your inventory of packing materials.

Polypropylene strapping is the most common and cheapest of all strapping materials. It is very easy and safe to handle. Reduce loading and unloading costs and freight weight. Polyethylene strapping is very elastic and flexible, so it can wrap oddly or irregularly shaped items. It’s perfect for tying up newspapers, corrugated boxes, pipes, and all bulky but light items.

These polyethylene strapping seals are made of sturdy metal for a secure grip, preventing slips and loss of tension. Provides durable fastening in harsh environments.

With us, you can find a variety of strapping solutions for efficiently and quickly strapping packages of any size, weight, and shape.




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