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pp strapping band

Polypropylene strapping is a lightweight plastic strapping that is used to secure cargo to pallets or bundle products for transportation. The 17-foot-long pre-cut polypropylene strap comes with a pre-installed polyethylene buckle. This strapping strap is yellow for easy identification

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Poly Strapping Dispenser

Fits 16 x 3 and 16 x 6 cores; pet strapping dispenser with brake assembly for oscillated coiled steel coils and plastic strapping. Strap roller: Plastic Heavy Duty Strapping Roller with payback device to stop spillover and kinks. 8 wheels for mobility, extra-large wheels and axles for strength and longevity. Plasterer: Stainless Steel and plastic frame made entirely of steel, which is tough and long-lasting.

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Metal Strap Seals

The Open Serrated Seals For Polyester Strapping Clips are designed to work for all 5/8 width polyester strapping. They can be used in conjunction with strapping clips and are made of zinc plated steel. The combination of the two serrated edges results in a strong and durable seal.

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Pp Strapping Roll Manufacturer

Our products include Pp packing tape, Pp tape, Pallet strapping straps, and plastic straw ropes. The PET strap is made from food-grade packing materials and has moisture-proof, rust-proof, and anti-corrosion properties.

Product Description

New arrival color belt plastic PP packing strap

Packaging production PP Strapping for more than 23 years, is a very professional pp Strapping factory, we have 6 production lines with a monthly production capacity of 500 tons, and the quality of our pp strapping belts is highly recognized by customers. One of our customers bought this pp strap from another supplier, but the quality is not good, the strap is perfect to fit their packing machine perfectly, and there is no problem of breakage, locking, etc. when using it. Totally help them with some issues to save even more time and cost! And our products also pay attention to environmental protection, so they fully meet the standards of various countries. At the same time, our strapping belts also accept product customization.

We have more products you may need, such as Pp packing tape, high-strength raw Pp packing tape, braided Pp packing tape, high-quality Pp packing tape, plastic packing tape, steel packing tape, polyethylene packing tape, printing packing tape, Pallet strapping straps, strapping straps and plastic straw ropes. If you are interested in our products, welcome to contact us.

Bulk Order: Air Freight/ Sea Freight/ Land Carriage
Sample Order:DHL/ EMS/ UPS/ TNT/ FEDEX etc.
Delivery Time
Depends on the quantity, usually 10-20 days after the deposit received
Special sizes can be made according to the customer’s requirement

Benefits of our PP straps

1. Save 50%: it may replace the same specification steel strip or steel wire with the same tensile strength. However, the weight is just 1/6 of the packing material, saving 50% of the package cost.
2. Safety: This strap can maintain 5% of its tightening power for an extended period of time without loosening. Has a 5% buffer elongation to protect cargo when struck forcefully. It will not injure the operator throughout the packing and unpacking operation.
3. Environmental protection: This strap is constructed of food-grade packing materials and has moisture-proof, rust-proof, waterproof, and anti-corrosion properties. It does not pollute the environment and has no restrictions on exports.

4. Convenience: This strap is light in weight and easy to transfer. Compared with steel straps, there is no need to cut the PET strap in advance, and no need to wear gloves. Easy to use and high efficiency


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