plastic strapping roll


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Jumbo Stretch Film

Pallet wrapping films are extruded in two ways: cast or blown. Stretch film is our major product. The cores of hand pallet wrap come in a variety of weights, lengths, and widths. LDPE and LLEPE have excellent tensile, impact, and puncture resistance.

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pet strap roll

Pet strap band plastic steel It saves 50% of the packing materials used in wood packing, steel packing, glass packing, metal packing, etc. Pet Strapping can keep 5% tightening force without losing a long time when stroked by a powerful force.

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Pet Tape

PET Strapping is a stronger alternative to polypropylene strapping and steel strapping. Polyester Strap is predominantly used in the heavy-duty sector of packaging – whether applied by hand or machine.

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plastic strapping roll

King Packing is the most outstanding manufacturer in China’s Packing Belt industry. King Packing has rich production experience, skilled workers, advanced and precise machines, stable product quality, strong tension, and the packing belt is not easy to break. Our sales staff have been in this industry for more than 3 years, very professional and familiar with the parameters of pp Strapping.

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pp strapping roll manufacturer

Why are consumers increasingly choosing to purchase Pp Strapping from King Packaging? The main reason clients select king is because king Packaging is the most outstanding producer in China’s Packing Belt industry, with extensive manufacturing experience, talented personnel, modern and accurate machinery, steady product quality, and strong tension, and the packing belt is not easily broken. Second, our sales team has been in this field for over 3 years and is extremely competent and knowledgeable about the specifications of pp Strapping.

They can provide you with expert and quick sales services. Third, you may expect a comprehensive after-sales service. If you have any issues with pp strapping, please contact us and we will resolve them as soon as possible.

Could create personalized pp package strapping. We also have Pp Strapping, High Tensile Virgin Pp Strapping, Woven Pp Strap, High-Quality Pp Strap, Plastic Strapping, Steel Strapping, Poly Strapping, Printed Strapping, Pallet Strapping, Packing Strap, and Plastic Straw Rope if you need them. If you are interested in our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

With approximately 23 years of expertise in production. It primarily manufactures packaging materials like stretch film, strapping tape, and strapping machines. Has a comprehensive and scientific quality management system in place. It may reach society at a cheap price by providing a one-stop service for manufacturing, processing, and sales under the concept of low cost and quality guarantee. The factory employs about 20 people and covers an area of 1,000 square meters. Our mission since inception has been to earn industry recognition for our honesty, strength, and product quality. Friends from all areas of life are welcome to visit, guide, and negotiate business.

Polypropylene (poly) roll is the most cost-effective strapping material available, with a break strength of 600 lbs. It’s ideal for storing newspapers, corrugated boxes, pipes, and other large yet light goods. Hand grade polypropylene roll for manual and battery-powered strapping tools.

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