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Stretch Film Price

Pe Stretch Film Introduction: Pe Stretch film or elastic film is self-adhesive, which is a kind of plastic film with adhesion and stretch ability on one or both. sides, and is bound tightly to the wrapped articles. Moreover; self-adhesive film does not adhere to the surface of the wrapped articles, but only exists on the surface of the film and the film.

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Stretch Film Wrap

4 Rolls Stretch Wrapping. Films are tear and puncture resistant. Stretch film creates a constant film thickness and extra cling which in turn offers greater wrap consistency and holding force. The film has already been stretched to its maximum capacity, our industrial strength pallet shrink wrap creates higher hold force and increased security.

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Stretch Film Roll

Stretch film has industrial strength and durability, which can firmly secure heavyweight or oversized items while playing a protective role.

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Pe Stretch Wrap Film

Hand PE stretch film is a solid package of scattered products into a whole, to improve the efficiency of handling. Most hand stretch film rolls weigh less than ten pounds. Film is mainly used in hardware, mineral, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, machinery and other products on the whole package. It can be applied with or without a stretch film dispenser.

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Stretch Film

Foretux stretch film is the perfect choice of packaging material for moving household items with odd shapes and sharp corners. Shrink film rolls come with an 8.5-inch handle that allows the package to rotate, eliminating hand and wrist burns. Our premium packaging film has an industrial strength of 60 gauge.

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Heavy Duty Stretch Film

Heavy duty stretch film
Multi use:Stretch Wrap,for mailing,packaging,moving,traveling,shipping ,Pattet,furniture , storing and other .
Heavy Duty Stretch Warp:High quality stretch film wrap ,80-gauge thickness, the stretch wrap to be incredibly flexible and resistant, to ensure that they still remain extremely durable
Easy,flexible and resistant: Stretch wrap with a pair of handles,that makes bundling those packages easy and fun. Faster and more efficient than tape twine or straps,and it is not easy broke

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Metal Strap Seals

The Open Serrated Seals For Polyester Strapping Clips are designed to work for all 5/8 width polyester strapping. They can be used in conjunction with strapping clips and are made of zinc plated steel. The combination of the two serrated edges results in a strong and durable seal.

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Semi Auto Strapping Machine

This semi auto strapping machine is the most economical solution for manual operation. It is definitely your best choice for bundling of small and medium batches. It is designed for general purpose and can meet various requirements. Unmatched performance, innovative features and great prices.

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Fully Auto Strapping Machine

The fully automatic banding machine takes polythene plastic strap as binding material, which is mainly used in packing and binding of paper carton, wooden box and paper and paper parcels in sectors of business, postal service, railway, bank, food, pharmaceutical and publishing.

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Automatic Plastic Banding Machine

The automatic plastic strapping machine is used for the forming and sealing of cartons. The maximum opening speed of the vertical opening mode of the machine can reach 12 boxes per minute. It is usually used in conjunction with the sealing machine, packing machine and other equipment to form an automatic packaging production line.

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Automatic Plastic Strapping Machine

The automatic box strapping machine is for the final procedure of packaging, which is to bind the carton with a strapping tape to prevent it from being scattered during the handling process. There are many advantages to using the automatic strapping machine. packaging efficiency. At the same time reduce waste, but also save costs.

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Automatic PP Tape Strapping Machine

The automatic PP tape strapping machine is a fully automatic strapping and PP carton hot-melt cross-sealing machine. It has a variety of packaging methods and is suitable for carton packaging in e-commerce express and other industries.

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