Kinglongly Strappings (Steel, PET, PP, Composite, etc.), Jumbo Bags, Stretch Film, Packing Tape, Strapping Tools & Machines, Bubble Wrap, Corrugated Rolls, and Silica Gel are some of our main product categories. Please visit the contact us part of our website to get in touch with us since we love to hear from our customers.


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Jumbo Stretch Film

Pallet wrapping films are extruded in two ways: cast or blown. Stretch film is our major product. The cores of hand pallet wrap come in a variety of weights, lengths, and widths. LDPE and LLEPE have excellent tensile, impact, and puncture resistance.

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Stainless Steel Clips Manufacturer

The largest manufacturer of packaging supplies in China, covering an area of 8,400 square meters. Steel straps have the highest breaking strength of all commonly used strapping materials, which means it can hold maximum loads in place without breaking. Quality is guaranteed.

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