What is the difference between an automatic baler and a semi-automatic baler

What is a semi-automatic strapping machine

The semi-automatic strapping machine from China factory uses a conveying device to send the package to the strapping station, then manually wraps the strap around the package, and finally tightens the strap. It has a low work surface and is ideal for bundling large packages. Can be designed according to user requirements.
Chinese name Semi-automatic strapping machine from manufacturer Features Instantaneous heating speed Fast strapping speed Design according to user requirements
The mechanical design refers to Japanese technology, which is reasonable in design, coordinated in action and high in reliability.

Features of semi-automatic strapping machine:

The packing speed is fast, each packing only takes 1.5 seconds;
Instantaneous heating, the heating sheet can work within 5 seconds and enter the best packing state;
If there is no operation within 60 seconds, it will automatically stop and enter the standby state to save power;
Improved design, careful manufacture, wide range of use, no matter the size of the package, it can be packaged without adjusting the machine;
The machine has a mechanical structure, some imported parts are used, the rear blade is stable and reliable, and it is easy to adjust;

The difference between automatic baler and semi-automatic baler

What is the difference between an automatic baler and a semi-automatic baler? We also call it a strapping machine, a strapping machine, a semi-automatic strapping machine, a fully automatic strapping machine, and a carton strapping machine. Now it is widely used in our packaging and printing, chemical, recycling, electronics and other industries. By using strapping Tie it tightly so that the product is not easy to scatter during transportation and visually beautiful and tidy. Today, Changsha Bangdele Xiaobian will give you a detailed introduction to the difference between automatic balers and semi-automatic balers.
The strapping machine is the final procedure for packaging. There are many advantages to using an automatic strapping machine. The straps produced by the cartons are beautiful and firm, and the speed is very fast, which improves the packing efficiency of workers. At the same time, waste is reduced and costs are saved. According to the working performance of the baler, it can be divided into: semi-automatic baler and fully automatic baler.

How the baler works

1. Working principle of automatic packing machine

The packaged object is generally placed in the middle of the baler. First, the right acrosome rises and presses the front end of the belt to tighten the belt on the object. Then the left acrosome rises and presses the appropriate position of the lower belt, and the heating sheet extends into the two sides. In the middle of the belt, the middle top knife rises, cuts off the belt, and finally sends the next bundled belt into place. Packing machine is a machine that uses packing tape to wrap products or packages, and then tighten them and fuse the two ends through thermal effect or connect them with buckles and other materials. The biggest advantage of the automatic baler: relatively high efficiency.

2. The main difference between the working principle of the semi-automatic baler and the fully automatic baler

Semi-automatic balers require manual insertion of straps, while automatic balers do not.




Automatic balers are classified according to structural characteristics:

Basic Baler

It is a baler for various industries with a table height suitable for standing operation. It is mostly used for bundling small packages, such as cartons, calcium-plastic boxes, books and periodicals, etc.

Side-mounted baler

The joint part of the strapping is carried out on the side of the package with a lower table. It is suitable for bundling of large or highly polluting packages. If anti-rust treatment is added, aquatic products and salted products can be bundled; if dust-proof measures are added, it can be bundled with more dusty packages.

Pressurized baler

For soft and elastic products such as leather, paper products, needle cotton fabrics, etc., in order to make them tight, they must first be pressed and then tied. There are two types of pressurization: air pressure and hydraulic pressure.

Open and close track packer

Its belt track frame can be opened and closed horizontally or vertically, which is convenient for putting in various cylindrical or ring-shaped packages, and then the track is closed for strapping.

Horizontal Track Baler

Its belt tracks are arranged horizontally, and the packages are bundled horizontally. It is suitable for horizontal strapping of packages such as pallets.

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