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Pet Strap Dispenser

The strap dispenser slides right into 8″ x 8″ core polypropylene (PP) strapping coils. A strapping cart/dispenser is an extra tool for strapping that guards against the unintentional loosening of the strapping and functions as a mobile workstation. King Packaging only offers packaging products that are carefully selected and approved by our packaging experts.

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Stainless Steel Clips

Strapping seal is a soft metal connector used by sealing pliers. Textured surface can grasp the smooth surface of the polyester straps to prevent the straps from sliding and losing tension, ensuring the safety of the goods. 200 Pcs Strapping Open Seals. Steel buckle for PET strapping.

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Steel Strapping Buckles

KING PACKAGING is the largest maker of packaging items in Central China, with an area of 8,400 square meters. KING manufactures PET strap and related auxiliary packaging items such as pneumatic strapping machines, metal clips, wire buckles, strapping dispensers, and stretch film.

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packaging plastic strap prices

Pet strap rolls are light and easy to transfer, eliminating the need to cut pet straps in advance compared to steel straps. The thickness of the pet strap is 0.6 to 1.5 mm, the width is 12 to 25 mm, and the tension is 200 to 1200 kg. Plastic-steel packing tape is used for wooden packing, steel packing, glass packing, metal packing, etc.

Product Description

Free Colored Strapping Band Pet Sample

A new form of strapping that has been widely utilized to replace steel strapping is the strapping band pet, also known as the plastic steel belt. The building materials, paper, wood, steel, aluminum ingot, and other sectors all make extensive use of it.
The steel strap did not expand to regain its original shape. The strapping band petrodollar shrink wraps to keep the strapping tension when the bale settles.
The strapping band pet tries to return to its original place while under strain since it is slightly elastic. A strapping band pet has a high recovery rate for elongation.

Product Name
PET Strap Band Roll
Range of width
9.0-20mm or customized
Hight of paper core
180mm or customized
Diameter of paper core
200mm or customized
Range of thickness
0.5-2.0mm or customized
Color of strap
Green or Customer request


PET strap is currently the most popular alternative to steel and PP band, and also the new environmentally friendly packaging materials.
Now widely used in wood, paper, steel, aluminum ingots, steel pipes, profiles, glass, building materials, ceramics, electrical appliances, metal products, tobacco, chemical fiber, cotton, and other industries

PET Strap straps

PET Strap straps also call PET plastic straps as one of the packaging industry products. PET plastic straps have outstanding sun properties as follows:
+ Safety: When the belt is cut hard or does not cause injury to people.
+ Good moisture and heat resistance
+ Very strong bearing capacity.



Features and Advantages

1. No damage or contamination of packaged goods (corrosion-resistant)
2. High shock absorption in case of impacts during transportation
3. Less pressure on the edged of the package
4. Perfect and individual secured packages
5. Strap tension remains tight in cases where the package may shrink during storage or transportation
6. Substitution of steel strapping allows the use of a strap with less breaking strength
7. Fewer injury risks in case of strapping breakages
8. Easy and clean handling compared to steel strapping

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