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Polypropylene (poly) roll 1/2 wide x 3281′ long, ideal for manual and battery-powered strapping equipment. The primary raw material used to create the interior is polyester fiber, while the exterior is coated in PP (polypropylene). It is frequently used to load big items and pallets.

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polyester banding

King PET Strapping is a stronger alternative to polypropylene strapping and steel strapping. Polyester strapping is less expensive and 80% lighter than steel. PET plastic tape for packaging is extremely dependable, and polyester straps are superior to and more costly than polypropylene tape.

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Metal Strap Seals

The Open Serrated Seals For Polyester Strapping Clips are designed to work for all 5/8 width polyester strapping. They can be used in conjunction with strapping clips and are made of zinc plated steel. The combination of the two serrated edges results in a strong and durable seal.

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Stretch Film Price

Pe Stretch Film Introduction: Pe Stretch film or elastic film is self-adhesive, which is a kind of plastic film with adhesion and stretch ability on one or both. sides, and is bound tightly to the wrapped articles. Moreover; self-adhesive film does not adhere to the surface of the wrapped articles, but only exists on the surface of the film and the film.

Product Description

Flim LLDPE Stretch Wrap Wrapping Film for Pallet Wrapping Machine

Flexible film data:

Our company offers a wide range of stretch film reels, including manually stretched film reels and machine stretch film reels, for packaging goods and pallets and offering a variety of sizes.

We provide very good quality and competitive prices for all our products.

Pre-stretched 300% stretch film.with the aid of the retractability and extremely strong winding force of the film.
To meet the goals of being dustproof, oilproof, moistureproof, waterproof, and anti-theft, primary protection offers the object’s surface protection by creating a very light and protective look surrounding the product. PE stretch film packaging is very crucial since it equally stresses the packed objects and prevents unequal force from damaging them, which is not achievable with conventional packaging techniques (bundling, packing, tape, etc.).


1.Stretch film is frequently used to wrap,stabilize and secure palletised goods.It’s ideal for bundling and unitizing a number of small,individual,irregular shaped items into larger loads.

2.Transparent stretch films provide perfect clarity for scanning labels.

3.Blue/white/black stretch films are used for identitying,differentiating and color coding products when storage ans shipping.

4.Blue/white/black stretch films conceal shippments to defer theft and protect peoducts from fading due to explosure to the sun.

Each set is packed separately within plastic protecting 
film and then loaded into standard wooden cases. Or packed as per customer’ reqirement.
Delivery Detail: Shipped in 7 days after payment.


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