PET Strapping Tape And The Features Of It

The PET packing belt is a highly adaptable plastic packaging belt for environmental preservation. In China, PET packaging belts have been used for more than 20 years. Polyethylene terephthalate, often known as PET, is the primary raw material used to make PET packing tape and has a specific gravity of 1.34. PET packing belt, also known as PET plastic-steel packing (plastic-steel packing belt), is a polyester packing belt made of PET as the main raw material and extrude
PET packing belt, also known as PET plastic-steel packing, is a type of polyester packaging belt made mostly from PET and extruded in a single direction (plastic-steel packing belt).

PET Strapping Tape And The Features Of It
Pet-strap characteristics:
(1) Strong tensile strength, which can guarantee the security of product transportation. This strength includes not only the steel belt’s tensile strength but also its ductility, which can withstand impact.
(2) The elongation is minimal, just one-sixth that of a polypropylene belt, and the tension force may be held for a considerable amount of time.
(3) It has a strong resistance to temperature; its melting point is 260 degrees, and usage below 120 degrees will not cause it to distort.
(4) The safety is good, the steel belt does not rust or pollute the wrapped items, and the color is vivid and useful as a reference.
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