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polyester banding

King PET Strapping is a stronger alternative to polypropylene strapping and steel strapping. Polyester strapping is less expensive and 80% lighter than steel. PET plastic tape for packaging is extremely dependable, and polyester straps are superior to and more costly than polypropylene tape.

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Hand Stretch Film

Banding hand stretch film has a strong cling and is ideal for top banding pallets. For pallet wrapping films, we strive for strong puncture and tear resistance. The cores of hand pallet wrap come in a variety of weights, lengths, and widths.

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pp strapping band

Polypropylene strapping is a lightweight plastic strapping that is used to secure cargo to pallets or bundle products for transportation. The 17-foot-long pre-cut polypropylene strap comes with a pre-installed polyethylene buckle. This strapping strap is yellow for easy identification

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green pet strap

Steel and polypropylene strapping are both weaker than King PET Strapping. Polyester strapping is 80% lighter and less costly than steel. Polyester straps are superior to and more expensive than polypropylene tape, whereas PET plastic tape for packing is very trustworthy.

Product Description

Wholesale plastic Strips polyester pet packing strap band for manual and machine with Logo printing Embossed or Smooth strapping

King PET Strapping is a more durable alternative to polypropylene and steel strapping. Polyester strap is mostly utilized in heavy duty packing, whether applied by hand or machine. Polyester’s strength and sturdy related qualities make it suitable for long-term use.

Pallet Packing, Steel Coils & Sheets, Aluminium Ingots, Cotton Ginning, Heavy Duty Industrial Packaging, Coir Industry, Paper Industry, Chemical Industries, Textile Industry, All Types of Heavy Duty Industrial Packaging of Goods for Transportation

Strap Roll Packaging: Individual Stretch Wrapped Rolls or Sheet Packing with Paperboards

Polyester strapping is less costly and weighs 80% less than steel strapping. Steel should be used instead in medium and heavy-duty situations.
PET plastic tape is exceptionally reliable, and polyester straps outperform and cost more than polypropylene tape.

High grade PET plastic packaging belt, ideal for both machine and human packing. It offers two surface finishes to choose from: smooth and embossed. The embossed one has a very clear embossing since it uses high density polyethylene by uniaxial stretch orientation embossing. High strength and toughness will not crack if it is not cracked.

PET Strap, which is made from PET Flakes, is widely used in a range of sectors, including ceramics, can packaging, wood, fiber packaging, steel, paper, and chemical processing.

Export Packaging Standard Available
2 or 5 coils per bundle Waterproof paper on the interior, followed by plastic film, hessian cloth or carton, wood pallet or iron pallet. We may also bundle according to the needs of the customer.

Steel strapping is progressively being replaced with plastic strapping in several sectors. This is mostly due to the following benefits of plastic strapping.


Product code Colour Width Thickness Length Weight Tensile Strength
1307 Green 13mm 0.7mm 1800m 20kgs 250kgs
1606 Green 16mm 0.6mm 1500m 20kgs 370kgs
1608 Green 16mm 0.8mm 1200m 20kgs 450kgs
1910 Green 19mm 1.0mm 1000m 20kgs 660kgs
2510 Green 25mm 1.0mm 500m 20kgs 800kgs


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