Heavy Duty Stretch Film


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Stretch Film Price

Pe Stretch Film Introduction: Pe Stretch film or elastic film is self-adhesive, which is a kind of plastic film with adhesion and stretch ability on one or both. sides, and is bound tightly to the wrapped articles. Moreover; self-adhesive film does not adhere to the surface of the wrapped articles, but only exists on the surface of the film and the film.

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Semi Automatic Strapping Machine

Art of manual labor, our semi automatic strapping machines allow you to efficiently bundle your cargo, including pallets and boxes. There is also the option to use gussets during the strapping process, which gives a binding result that will ensure that your cargo can be transported in a responsible manner.

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Plastic Packing Strip Machine

Battery Powered Packing Strapping Tensioner Hand Power Machine Tool for PP/Pet Straps The PET PP PP packing tool adopts battery energy storage as the driving power to tension single packing belt and complete the welding at on time. The maximum tensioning force is 2800N, which is equal to a tensile force of 285kg and significantly reduces the need for labor. Strapping can be changed from 2 to 5 seconds to accommodate strapping of various thicknesses. By switching out the accessories, polypropylene and polyester strapping may be exchanged.

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Heavy Duty Stretch Film

Heavy duty stretch film
Multi use:Stretch Wrap,for mailing,packaging,moving,traveling,shipping ,Pattet,furniture , storing and other .
Heavy Duty Stretch Warp:High quality stretch film wrap ,80-gauge thickness, the stretch wrap to be incredibly flexible and resistant, to ensure that they still remain extremely durable
Easy,flexible and resistant: Stretch wrap with a pair of handles,that makes bundling those packages easy and fun. Faster and more efficient than tape twine or straps,and it is not easy broke

Product Description

Factory Price Pallet Film Lldpe Stretch Wrap Cast Stretch Film Shrink 17 Mic Stretch Film

1. Heavy Duty Stretch Film – Get the strongest, premium 80 gauge (20 micron) shrink film available. This was the result of numerous tests that led us to redesign the classic stretch wrap and improve it with superior industrial strength and durable stretch film packaging. Each roll has superior load retention. The thickness of the banded film holds products securely in place even in rugged shipping conditions. Finally, you can wrap anything safely and quickly!
2. Multi-purpose shrink film – Plastic film can be used for both consumer and commercial applications. Faster than strapping and tape. Wrap all your items and protect them when moving! Say “yes” to quality stretch film that is long-lasting and has amazing universal uses.
3. Self-adhesive – Our strapping film sticks to itself. The outer surface of the shrink film is shiny and slippery, so dust and dirt cannot adhere to it. Plastic film prevents sticking between pallets. Plastic film is transparent and light. Simply put, it is an economical and durable 80 gauge stretch wrap roll suitable for all weather conditions.
4. Economical alternative – labor/performance efficient – faster and safer than twine, tape and strapping applications. It is more economical and easier to use than other alternatives such as tape, strapping, etc.
5. 100% GUARANTEED QUALITY – We are so confident in the quality and durability of our shrink wrap that we offer a 100% money back guarantee to any unsatisfied customer. So no more waiting and wasting time with other stretch wrap – get your top stretch wrap from Simply Cool now, without any risk!
6. Meanwhile sizes are rounded off to the nearest whole number.

Core Dimension
Core Length
Core Weight
Pack Qty
Special size can be made according to customer’s requirement


Packaging Clear Stretch Wrap Film in 5 inch x 1000 feet Mini Rolls with a Plastic Reusable Handle. It is a packing wrap plastic roll with transparent stretch film. It offers high clarity for barcode reading and load identification. This hand stretch wrap is an ideal solution for all your packing needs. Our stretch wrap roll belongs to the versatile moving supplies that are used for box wrapping, fixing the transported items, or protecting items while moving or storing. Whether you’re moving, securing a pallet for shipment, or just need protection, this packing stretch wrap will get the job done.In our IDL Packaging Amazon Brand Store you can find stretch wrap rolls of different sizes. Besides, there is everything you need for packaging needs of any type and complexity, such as void fillers, wrapping kraft paper, gummed and sealing tape, etc

1、Environment resistant

Strong wrapping prevents products from dust, dirt, and water. Hassle-free removal, no surface damage

2、Great for business

Mini roll with a comfortable handle provides fast and effortless packaging for small or large items. Easy to use with one hand. This is a perfect decision when time is money

3、Great for households

A must-have in any household for storing and protecting belongings. The airtight film provides longer life for bulkier clothes, jackets, pillows, blankets, or Christmas trees. Works great to protect furniture during home improvement projects

4、Strong and dense film

The 80 gauge medium duty film is strong enough, airtight, and self-adhesive. Ideal for bundling and wrapping light-to-medium weight items



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