Jumbo Stretch Film


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Hand Stretch Film

Banding hand stretch film has a strong cling and is ideal for top banding pallets. For pallet wrapping films, we strive for strong puncture and tear resistance. The cores of hand pallet wrap come in a variety of weights, lengths, and widths.

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Pet Strap Dispenser

The strap dispenser slides right into 8″ x 8″ core polypropylene (PP) strapping coils. A strapping cart/dispenser is an extra tool for strapping that guards against the unintentional loosening of the strapping and functions as a mobile workstation. King Packaging only offers packaging products that are carefully selected and approved by our packaging experts.

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Automatic green strapping Machine

The machine frame is smaller than the standard baling press, so the work efficiency is extremely high. Automatic packaging machines have all the benefits of the normal platform (220 v) but they are more expensive to operate since they are smaller. For heavy-duty items and pallets or high pallets, a mobile pallet strapping system is frequently utilized. The device has a chain lance that is electrically operated by a motor. The strap is then pulled through under the pallet, up the back side, and over the pallett by the Chainlance.

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Jumbo Stretch Film

Pallet wrapping films are extruded in two ways: cast or blown. Stretch film is our major product. The cores of hand pallet wrap come in a variety of weights, lengths, and widths. LDPE and LLEPE have excellent tensile, impact, and puncture resistance.

Product Description

Stretch Film Jumbo Roll

Jumbo Stretch Film
There are several uses for our hand-applied stretch wrap films. For pallet wrapping, we strive for strong puncture and tear resistance. Pallet wrapping films are extruded in two ways: cast or blown. In addition, chemicals are used in the extrusion process to make the film for the cling qualities of the wrap. As a result, we get good load stabilisation.

Core Dimensions

Pallet wrapping films are extruded in two ways: cast or blown. The cores of hand pallet wrap come in a variety of weights, lengths, and widths. They are ideal for top banding pallets as well as packaging, fastening, and unitizing smaller objects.

Industrial Use
Promotion, Exhibition
Stretch Film
Packaging Film
Moisture Proof
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Various Grade
Model Number
Pallet Wrap
1 Ton
Paper core
2 / 3 Inch
4 / 6 rolls
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Raw material
Virgin / Recycled

We employ multilayer arch packed stretch film manufacturing equipment to create Jumbo Stretch Film, which is becoming increasingly popular in the outside market. After acquiring it, clients utilize a machine to perform a rewinder process and an automatic cutting process, and the jumbo roll stretch film is then tailored in size before being packaged and shipped to local customers. Stretch Film is our major product. Tape for sealing. Tape Adhesive Strapping made of PP. Strap made of PET

Material: The primary materials used in the manufacture of king stretch film are LDPE and LLEPE, which have excellent tensile, impact, and puncture resistance.


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Packaging is one of the processes we take very seriously. We firmly believe that the stability of the packaging can bring great protection to the product. We pay attention to every packing process to ensure the product is well protected and we make numerous confirmations before sending the goods to the container to prevent any mistakes. I believe our packaging quality will make you satisfied! At the same time we are a manufacturer of high-quality flexible plastic products, specializing in the production of wide-format film and bag extrusion. With decades of industry experience, combined with the latest extrusion technology and the right factory setup, our customers can ensure they receive consistently high-quality products at competitive prices. Our factory is located in Jiangxi Province, China, with an annual output of more than 7000 tons. We only use high quality raw materials from leading and trusted suppliers. We firmly believe that customer satisfaction is the key to our success, so we are committed to working with our customers to meet their needs.


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Machine stretch film is used by automatic packing machines, it has to be stronger, better puncture resistant, better tear resistant. Except raw material LLDPE, we add more MLDPE material to make it good performance. When packing goods on pallets, it can stabilize the cargo, and protect it from moisture, dust, and collapses.

  • 【Heavy Duty Stretch Wrap Film】 Our 2pack stretch wrap’s true 23 microns (80 gauge) thick, 1500 feet(total 3000 feet)length.The plastic stretch film uses top quality and materials, so it is transparent and light. It is not turbid due to the use of recycled weak materials. This Stretch Film Value Pack can firmly secure heavyweight, large or oversized items even under the most severe transit and weather conditions.
  • 【Up to 500% Stretch Ability】 Superior stretch, easy to unwrap, sticks to itself for a perfect seal. The more you stretch, the more adhesive is activated.
  • 【For Industrial and Personal Use】 Stretch Wrap Film can be used to move and protect any of your household items, and use it to wrap irregularly shaped items, it will work flawlessly as its transparent, lightweight material is ideal for moving and transporting goods since its more cost-effective and user-friendly than other wrapping materials.
  • 【Easy to Use】 Our stretch film roller handles make the packaging process even faster and more efficient. Just insert the handles into either side of the stretch wrap roll and begin wrapping. it is more economical and easier to use than other materials such as tapes, straps, etc.
  • 【100% Guaranteed Quality】We only use top first rate materials. Our film is clear, never cloudy from using recycled weaker materials.


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