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Polypropylene strapping is a lightweight plastic strapping that is used to secure cargo to pallets or bundle products for transportation. The 17-foot-long pre-cut polypropylene strap comes with a pre-installed polyethylene buckle. This strapping strap is yellow for easy identification

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Strapping and banding machinery and tools in China is widely used in large volume packing operations. The machines include strapping machines, sealing machines, carton waste strippers, filling and crimping machines, drills and other related machinery or tools. Our machines have been exported to Africa, Middle East, Europe, South America and other places.

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Art of manual labor, our semi automatic strapping machines allow you to efficiently bundle your cargo, including pallets and boxes. There is also the option to use gussets during the strapping process, which gives a binding result that will ensure that your cargo can be transported in a responsible manner.

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pet strapping tape

Pet Strapping tape is light, and easy to be transferred, compare with the pet Strapping Perth in advance. The thickness of the pet Packing Belt is 0.6 to 1.5 mm, the width is 12 to 25 mm, and the tensile force is 200 to 1200 kg. The PET steel strap is moisture-proof, waterproof, and anti-rust.

Product Description

19mm Green Pet Strap For Cargo Packaging

PET Plastic Strap Rollers High quality PET strapping belt manufacturer’s belts are characterized by very consistent tensile strength and very high elongation. These properties are the most important decisive factors for a safe and reliable strapping method. Unlike steel straps, pet straps have very high elongation and are able to absorb shock and shock during transportation and handling, far superior to steel straps. Excellent elongation allows substituting PET tape with lower breaking strength for the same application.

Our production centers produce 24/7. A highly qualified team of experts manufactures strapping products that meet the highest quality requirements of computer-controlled machines.

We have more products you may need, such as pet straps, pet straps, thick packing material pet straps, green pet straps, plastic straps, steel straps, polyethylene straps, printed straps, pallets Straps, straps and plastic straws. If you are interested in our products, please contact us.

Pet Strapping tape is moisture-proof, waterproof, and anti-rust. Plastic steel strapping is used in wood packing, steel packing, glass packing, metal packing, etc. The thickness of the pet Packing Belt is 0.6 to 1.5 mm, the width is 12 to 25 mm, and the tensile force is 200 to 1200 kg. Pet Strapping has low cost, saving, environmental protection, durable, high tensile strength features.



Q1: Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?
A1: We are a manufacturer and have our own factory in Shanghai, China.
Q2: What are your advantages?
A2: The earliest manufacturer in the industry to develop and produce, pet packing straps has accumulated 16 years of technical experience.
Q3: How do you control quality?
A3: We have a quality control system to strictly check the quality problems and ensure that each batch of goods meets the
customer’s requirements.
Q4: What is the actual delivery date of the factory?
A4: Generally, the delivery time is about 7~15days. Products need to be determined according to the actual product model.
Q5: How to get the most accurate quotation?
A5: Provide the packing strap specifications(length, width, thickness), color, and what machine to use.


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