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pet strap roll

Pet strap band plastic steel It saves 50% of the packing materials used in wood packing, steel packing, glass packing, metal packing, etc. Pet Strapping can keep 5% tightening force without losing a long time when stroked by a powerful force.

Product Description

PET Strap band plastic Steel Strapping roll

Pet strap band steel plastic As an alternative to steel belts or wire steel with the same specifications and tension strength, strapping rolls can be utilized. However, plastic steel strapping weighs just 1/6 the amount of those packaging materials, which might reduce packing costs by 50%. Pet strap band contains a 5% buffer elongation to prevent the items from injury when stroked with strong force, and it can maintain 5% tightening force without losing for an extended period of time. Additionally, PET Strapping Roll won’t harm workers while they are packaging or unloading.

Pet Strapping improves handling efficiency and increases the stacking space utilization rate. It is constructed from PET and has cheap cost, saving, environmental protection, durable, and high tensile strength properties. Plastic steel strapping is used in the packaging of metal, glass, steel, and other materials.

More items that you might require are available from us, like plastic straw rope, steel strapping, poly strapping, green pet strapping, plastic strapping, printed strapping, and packing straps for pallets and packages. Please get in touch with us if you are interested in our products.



Specification Width Thickness Pull force Total weight Net weight Core Diameter Length
PET-0905 9.0mm 0.50mm >150kg 20kg 18.5kg 200/406mm 3400m
PET-1205 12.0mm 0.50mm >210kg 20kg 18.5kg 200/406mm 2500m
PET-1206 12.0mm 0.60mm >240kg 20kg 18.5kg 200/406mm 2300m
PET-1606 16.0mm 0.60mm >350kg 20kg 18.5kg 200/406mm 1480m
PET-1608 16.0mm 0.80mm >500kg 20kg 18.5kg 200/406mm 1080m
PET-1610 16.0mm 1.00mm >520kg 20kg 18.5kg 200/406mm 970m
PET-1908 19.0mm 0.80mm >550kg 20kg 18.5kg 200/406mm 1020m
PET-1910 19.0mm 1.00mm >700kg 20kg 18.5kg 200/406mm 740m
PET-1912 19.0mm 1.20mm >850kg 20kg 18.5kg 200/406mm 660m
PET-2510 25.0mm 1.0mm >1000kg 20kg 18.5kg 200/406mm 500m
PET-2512 25.0mm 1.2mm >1100kg 20kg 18.5kg 200/406mm 500m



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